Results For Special Races-Nañez Family Lofts

February 2015-

One of only two daybirds [on the drop] Fall Classic One-Loft 350M. 

1st Flying Aces One-Loft; 250M.

1st Flying Aces One-Loft; 300M. 

1st Flying Aces One-Loft; 350M. 

2nd Fall Classic One-Loft; 150M. 

3rd Flying Aces One-Loft; 250M.

4th Flying Aces One-Loft; 300M. 

4th Oregon State One-Loft; 150M. 

4th Flying Aces One-Loft; 250M. 

5th Fall Classic One-Loft; 150M.

5th Flying Aces One-Loft; 350M. 

6th Flying Aces One-Loft; 350M.

6th Blue Bucket Stampede One-Loft; 350M. 

6th Flying Aces One-Loft; 100M. 

8th Oregon State One-Loft; 115M. 

9th Oregon State One-Loft; 250M. 

10th Flying Aces One-Loft; 250M. 

10th Blue Bucket Stampede One-Loft; 250M. 


 South Africa 2015:

4th Overall Final Race VS 2,453 birds

1st U.S. Final Race, South Africa

2nd Overall Average Speed Int’l

1st Overall Average Speed National

1st Country Challenge, Ave. Speed Ace

1st National U.S. Car Race #4

3rd Int’l Car Race 4-VS 2,792 Birds

2nd National-United States-TF 8

3rd International VS 3,022 Birds

5th Int’l Car Race 3 vs 2,985 Birds

6th Country Challenge Gr. Averages

8th National, 41st Int’l VS 2,478 Birds

8th Country Challenge Grand Ave.

8th National, 48th Int’l VS 2,382 Birds

12th National, 80th Int’l VS 4,503 Birds

15th National, 56th Int’l VS 3,198 Birds

15th National, 82nd Int’l vs 3,017 Birds

26th National, 298th Int’l Car Race VS 3,067 Birds

41st National, 224th Int’l VS 2,832 Birds

46th National, 137th Int’l VS 3,251 Birds

66th National, 299th Int’l VS 2,762 Birds

Results for Specials: September 2011-January 2015
1st Red Rock 330 One Loft; 340M.

1st Overall Ace Heartland Federation OLR

1st Red Cedar Auction Race 2014

1st Hot Spot 250M. Fall Classic One-Loft

1st Overall Ace Triple Crown 

1st Mercedes Classic; 200M.   

1st Flying Aces One-Loft; 155M.

1st Flying Aces One-Loft; 200M.

1st Carolina Championship; 100M.

1st Carolina Championship; 167M.

1st Ironbird Highroller; 125M.

1st Spooner Bond Race; 315M.      

1st Overall Ace Red Rock One-Loft 

1st High-Point Champion, Texas Showdown

1st Winners Cup 200M. Hot Spot 

1st Texas Ironbird Hot Shot; 320M.     

1st Red Cedar Auction; 300M.     

1st  Ironbird Classic One-Loft; 200M.      

1st Ironbird Hot Shot; 320M. 

1st Winners Cup Hot Spot; 150M. 

1st Red Rock 330; 150M.

1st Double Barrel One-Loft; 150M. 

1st Carolina Championship; 224M. 

1st Carolina Championship; 150M.

1st Midwest One-Loft; 200M.

1st Red Rock One-Loft; 243M.

1st BMT Futurity/Auction; 300M.

1st Out of Area, Texas Futurity; 350M.

1st American Breeders Cup; 150M.

1st Illiana Auction Race; 300M

1st GBM Futurity Race; 300M.

1st Blue Bucket Stampede; 167M.

1st Kansas Prairie Classic by 33 Min., 305M.

1st North American Breeders Cup; 200M.

1st Heartland Federation One-Loft; 350M.

1st North American Breeders Cup; 200M.

1st NWI Bond Race; 400M.

1st Cape Cod Auction Race; 300M.

1st Blue Bucket Stampede; 166M.

1st Federation One-Loft; 100M. 

2nd Overall Ace Red Rock One-Loft 

2nd  WOW Triple Crown; 350M.

2nd Ave. Speed Carolina Championship 

2nd Hot Spot, Federation One-Loft; 250M.

2nd Red Rock 330 One-Loft; 155M.     

2rd Red Rock One-Loft; 243M. 

2nd Red Cedar Auction Race; 325M.

2nd Carolina Championship; 167M.

2nd Ave. Speed, Federation One-Loft 

2nd Ave. Speed Flying Aces One-Loft       

2nd Carolina Championship; 223M.

2nd Shawano One-Loft Race; 250M.

2nd Double Barrel One-Loft Race Average Speed 

2nd Heartland Fall Classic; 250M. 

2nd Blue Bucket One-Loft; 207M.

2nd Double Barrel One-Loft; 350M.

2nd Ave. Speed Texas Showdown 

2nd Midwest One-Loft; 300M.

2nd Shawano One-Loft Race; 250M

2nd Blue Bucket Stampede; 309M

2nd High Point Bird: Toronto Trifecta, vs…709 Birds

2nd Plymouth Peak Pro; 138M.

2nd Midwest Convention Race; 308M.

2nd Highpoint Bird, Heartland Federation One-Loft

2nd Flying Ace One-Loft; 200M.

2nd Spooner Bond Race; 315M.

2nd Ironbird One-Loft; 200M.

2nd Overall Average Speed, Double Barrel One-Loft 

2nd Sprint Ace, American Breeders Cup 

2nd World Ace Challenge: 400M. ‘A’ Series 

2nd Champion Bird, Texas Ironbird Classic 

2nd Champion Bird, Grizzle One-Loft 

2nd Winners Cup, 150M. Hot Spot Only 

2nd Flying Aces One-Loft Race; 350M.

2nd Carolina Championship; 200M.

2nd Western Flyers One-Loft Race; 100M.

2nd Flying Aces One-Loft; 100M.

3rd World Ace Challenge ‘A’ Race; 250M.

3rd Blue Bucket Stampede; 305M.

3rd  Texas Shootout vs. 159M. vs. 724B.

3rd Texas Showdown; 250M.

3rd Spooner Bond Race; 315M.

3rd World Ace Challenge ‘C’ Race; 400M.

3rd Heartland Federation One-Loft Race; 250M. 

3rd Double Barrel One-Loft; 300M.

3rd Blue Bucket Stampede Ave. Speed 

3rd Mercedes Classic; 100M. vs. 800B. 

3rd [3 on drop, 33 Mins. out front] Federation One-Loft; 350M.

3rd Kansas Prairie Classic One-Loft; 300M. 2012

3rd Kansas Prairie Classic One-Loft; 300M. 2013

3rd Heartland Federation One-Loft Race; 150M.

3rd Overall Ace Pigeon, American Breeders Cup 

3rd Red Rock One-Loft; 150M.

3rd Shawano One-Loft Race; 250M.

3rd MIF Auction Race; 400m.

3rd Shawano One-Loft Race; 250M.

3rd MIF Auction Race; 138M.

3rd Flying Aces One-Loft Race; 350M.

3rd Western Flyers Association One-Loft Race; 300M.

3rd Double Barrel One-Loft; 350M. 

3rd Carolina Championship One-Loft 

3rd Average Speed All Grizzle 

3rd Average Speed Western Flyers 

3rd Western Flyers One-Loft; 300M.

3rd American Breeders Cup; 150M.

3rd Carolina Championship; 200M.

3rd Champion Bird, Western Flyers Association

3rd Red Cedar Auction; 300M.     

4th Overall Ace ‘A’ Series-World Ace Challenge 

4th Red Rock 330 One-Loft; 340M.

4th Red Rock One-Loft; 325M.

4th GBM Futurity Race; 300M.

4th Overall Average Speed Flying Aces 

4TthRed Rock One-Loft; 243M.

4th World of Wings Hot Spot 

4th Illiana Auction Race; 300M

4th Ironbird Classic One-Loft; 250M.

4th Carolina Championship; 167M.

4th Arrowhead Futurity; 200M.

4th Two-Bird Average, Blue Bucket 

4th Arrowhead Futurity; 300M.

4th Ace Pigeon Arrowhead Futurity 

4th Spooner Bond Race [3 Different Lofts]

4th Flying Aces One-Loft; 155M.

4th Texas Center Winter Meeting One-Loft; 300M.

4th American Breeders Cup; 250M.

4th Blue Bucket Stampede; 350M.

4th All Grizzle One-Loft; 200M.

4th Red Rock One-Loft; 180M.

4th Red Rock One-Loft Race High Point Bird 

4th Winners Cup USA One-Loft; 150M. HOT SPOT

4th Ironbird ONe-Loft; 125M.

4th Blue Bucket One-Loft; 350M.

4th Blue Bucket Stampede; 124M.

4th North American Breeders Cup; 200M.

5th Overall Ace Mercedes Classic 

5th Midwest One-Loft; 200M. & 300M.

5th Western Flyers Association One-Loft; 300M. 

5th Red Rock One-Loft; 243M.

5th Texas Showdown; 300M.

5th Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge; 350M.

5th Flying Aces One-Loft; 100M.

5th Double Barrel One-Loft; 150M.

5th Illiana Auction Race; 300M.

5th  Ave. Speed Flying Aces One-Loft

5th  All Grizzle One-Loft; 150M.

5th  All Grizzle One-Loft; 300M.

5th American Breeders Cup; 150M.

5th Red Cedar Auction Ace; 325M.

5th Overall High Point Red Rock

5th Double Barrel One-Loft; 126M.

5th Carolina Championship; 100M.

5th Pennsylvania Auction Race; 300M.

5th Hot Spot North American Breeders Cup; 200M.

5th Spooner Futurity/Bond; 300M.

5th Blue Bucket Stampede; 156M.

5th Overall Average Speed: Toronto Trifecta; 709 BIRDS

5th Milwaukee Bond Race; 320M.

6th Champion Bird Heartland One-Loft  

6th World Ace Challenge ‘A’ Race; 150M.

6th Texas Showdown; 350M.

6th Flying Aces One-Loft Race; 350M.

6th MIF Auction Race; 400M.

6th Illiana Auction Race; 300M.

6th Red Cedar Auction Race; 325M.

6th Carolina Championship; 100M.

6th  Flying Aces One-Loft; 200M.

6th Average Speed Fall Classic One-Loft 

6th Red Rock One-Loft; 180M.

6th Flying Aces One-Loft; 100M.

6th Overall Average Speed Heartland One-Loft 

6th Western Flyers One-Loft; 100M.

6th Spooner Futurity Bond Race 

6th Route 66 One-Loft; 270M.

6th American Breeders Cup; 150M.

6th Average Speed Texas Showdown 

6th Flying Aces One-Loft; 250M.

6th Arrowhead Futurity; 300M.

6th Double Barrel One-Loft; 101M.

6th Red Cedar Auction; 300M.     

7th World Ace Challenge ‘A’ Series; 400M.

7th Ironbird One-Loft; 200M.

7th Overall North Texas Futurity Ave. Speed 

7th Blue Bucket Stampede Ave. Speed 

7th  All Grizzle One-Loft Race; 150M. 

7th Double Barrel One-Loft; 100M.

7th Texas Showdown; 200M. 

7th Carolina Championship; 223M.

7th Carolina Championship; 300M.

7th Flying Aces One-Loft Race; 200M.

7th Flying Aces One-Loft Race; 350M.

7th Ironclad Winners Cup USA; 350M.

7th Plymouth Peak Pro One-Loft; 325M.

7th Red Cedar Auction Race; 325M.

7th American Breeders Cup; 110M.

7th Illiana Auction Race; 300M.

7th American Breeders Cup; 200M.

7th Plymouth Peak Pro; 100M.

7th American Breeders Cup; 305M.

7th Oklahoma Twister One-Loft Race; 150M.

8th Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge; 300M.

8th World of Wings Triple Crown Hot Spot 

8th Blue Bucket Stampede; 309M.

8th Overall Ace Blue Bucket Stampede 

8th Flying Aces One-Loft; 250M.

8th GBM Futurity Race; 300M.

8th Flying Aces One-Loft; 100M.

8th MIF Auction Race; 138M.

8th Overall Ace Red Rock One-Loft 

8th Double Barrel One-Loft; 100M.

8th High Point Bird Flying Aces 

8th Cape Cod Auction Race; 300M.

8th America’s International Challenge 

8th Midwest One-Loft; 200M.

8th Champion Bird All-Grizzle One-Loft 

8th Arrowhead Futurity; 300M.

8th Ace Pigeon Flying Aces 

8th Spooner Futurity/Bond; 300M.

8th American Breeders Cup; 200M.

8th Overall Champion Winners Cup USA Gold-Run 

9th World Ace Challenge ‘A’ Race; 400M.

9th Blue Bucket Stampede; 310M.

9th Blue Bucket Stampede; 207M.

9th  Blue Bucket Stampede; 125M.

9th American Breeders Cup; 110M.

9th Double Barrel One-Loft; 150M.

9th Double Barrel One-Loft; 200M.

9th Double Barrel One-Loft; 300M.

9th Michigan Auction Race; 300M.

9th Carolina Championship; 223M.

9th Average Speed Kansas Prairie Classic 

9th Highpoint Bird Toronto Trifecta One-Loft 

9th Lucky 17 One-Loft; 200M.

9th Midwest Convention Race; 308M.

9th Carolina Championship; 300M.

9th Western Flyers One-Loft High Point 

9th Western Flyers One-Loft; 300M.

9th Ontario Auction Race; 300M.   

9th New England Open; 350M.

9th Winners Cup One-Loft Hot Spot; 150M.

10th Overall Ace ‘C’ Series World Ace Challenge 

10th World Ace Challenge ‘A’ Race; 200M.

10th Overall Average Speed Mercedes Classic 

10th Flying Aces One-Loft; 150M.

10th Flying Aces One-Loft; 100M.

10th Lucky 17 One-Loft; 100M.

10th Spooner Futurity/Bond; 300M.

10thAce Pigeon Texas Showdown 

10th American Breeders Cup; 150M.

10th All Grizzle One-Loft; 300M.

10th Western Flyers One-Loft Average Speed 

10th Red Rock One-Loft; 100M.

10th Red Rock One-Loft; 150M.

10th GBM Futurity Race; 300M.

10th Oregon State One-Loft; 100M.

10th Red Rock One-Loft; 180M.

10th MIF Auction Race; 256M.

10th Winners Cup One-Loft Hot Spot; 150M.

10th Texas Showdown; 400M.

10th Double Barrel One-Loft; 350M.

10th Average Speed All Grizzle 

10th Average Speed Red Rock One-Loft 

10th Carolina Championship; 100M.

10th Blue Bucket Stampede; 250M.

10th Lucky 17 One-Loft Race; 200M.









*Plus, over 270 equal firsts [=1st] that are not included in the above list

Special Races – Results for 2010

[Only The Top 20 Positions Listed:

Many More In The Prizes!

3rd ‘The Main Event’; 400 mile Special, Combining The Gusher, Showdown & Kicker Entries
4th Texas Gusher; 300 miles
6th Texas Gusher [TIED]; 300 miles
17th Overall Ace In The Texas Gusher Series 6th Overall Ace In The Cowtown Kicker Series
2nd Midwest One Loft; 300 miles; [1 ½ Hours Ahead Of 3rd Place Bird!]
8th Place Overall Grand Averages For U.S. Entries: After 21 ‘Races’ [Starting With 890 Birds] In The South Africa Sun City Million Dollar Race Series
4th Overall Hot Spot Average For The U.S.: South Africa One Of Only Three Birds From The U.S. [of 890] That Made It Through The Final ‘Knock-Out Round’–South Africa
7th Double-Barrel Over-Under Futurity; 300 miles
8th Arrowhead Futurity; 300 miles On The Drop 3 Times In The Plymouth Pro Peak Utah Challenge
12th Oklahoma Twister; 350 miles
15th Cowtown Kicker II; 400 miles
12th AU Convention Race; Extra 400 miles
9th Cowtown Kicker II; 300 miles
10th Cowtown Kicker; 300 miles
11th Gold Band Futurity; 300 miles; On The Drop With 5th Place
8th Midwest One-Loft Race; 200 miles
4th Oregon State One-Loft [=1st]
17th Mid-Atlantic Open Warm-Up Race – Jersey
17th Mid-Atlantic Open Main Event; 300 miles – Jersey
11th & 17th Oregon State One-Loft
13th Red Neck Classic
19th Overall Average Speed Ace In The Mercedes Classic
14th Texas Center One-Loft
19th Texas Center One-Loft
14th Overall Ace Midwest One-Loft Youngster From Our “Texas Hope” & Double “Kannibaal” Hen Was
19th American Grand National Final Event
Also, 19th Overall Ace Of The Series!

Youngsters From Our “Nick’s Girl”–
3rd Overall Ace Of The Mercedes Classic Series!
17th Mercedes Classic; Youngster From Our “Hit Pair” From Kowalchuk

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