The Following Testimonials Were Quoted Directly from Our Feedback Reviews Page on and from Emails from Our Great Customers and Friends:

"I received the bird in great shape today and he is everything I hoped he would be. I had a chocolate colored Mexican Janssen family back in the late Eighties that were great and lost track of all of them when I had to get out of birds for a few years. I have kicked myself ever since and was thrilled to see this guy hit the auction last week.  I look forward to crossing him into my current family to see what they will do. Thanks for sending a very healthy bird that matches the description."  by Kevin


"The birds are in their loft and getting settled. I can't thank you enough for your generosity...I feel like we're holding the ace going into this years YB season. The birds look great and the genetics even better. Thank you Rick & Renee!!!"  by Keith

"Congratulations on such a fantastic year last year. I wanted to touch base 
with you and let you know that we are so appreciative on the birds from
last year. We had a tremendous race and we actually met our goal which 
was to have fliers join the local club. From the race we had 5 new members 
join our Twin City Concourse clubs that participated in that race. Thank you so much."  by Dan
"Bird arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Beautiful bird. Thank you very much." by Vincent


"The hen arrived this morning, in fine shape. I have to say that your
description of 992 didn't really do her justice. Can't say that I've ever gotten
a bird from you that I haven't be pleased with, but some appeal to me more
than others. 992 seems far better in hand to me than the description and
photo made me expect, and I liked those. Thank you again as usual for all
your help." by Jon
"The birds arrived today early morning. Excellent shape, fine specimens! 
Thanks for everything, I really appreciate how you went completely out of
your way to satisfy a buyer." by David


"Your wonderfully bred hen came in early this morning, and in great
shape.  I dunked her head and she drank, and then ate in a training basket. 
I have just put her in with the other 9 hens in a section of the loft. When I
came in from the loft, my wife said, "How's Marcia?"   So she was named
before I even hit the kitchen." by Don


Thank you so much. I am so happy to have had the pleasure of getting to meet you and then extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you, thank you. What a great cock bird. I am really looking forward to breeding season! How excited am I! Wow what a nice young cock. Mr Nanez thank you so much. I am looking forward to being a longtime customer."   
by Mark


"Year in and year out without fail the Nanez Family Loft is at the top or next to the top in all 3 races  (150, 250, 350 miles) of my Fall Classic One Loft Race.  Fantastic pigeons."
by Gary Meis Owner, Fall Classic One Loft Race


"I have been racing and breeding pigeons for 40 years and purchased birds from many breeders over the years. Without question, the two birds Rick and Renee' Nanez sent me were the best two birds I have ever received. World class all the way. Also, they are wonderful folks to do business with and have the highest standards of integrity in the sport. Thank you."   by John Karnofel 

"As normal, another nice pigeon from NFL." by Black Magic

"Another amazing quality bird in perfect health." "Thank you for an amazing quality hen." by Marcbuy

"beautiful bird. all smiles today." by Stud97

"Very nice handling bird. Looking for more." "Nice bird." by Blackbird

"honest & easy to communicate. Excellent birds." by Noah Loft

"Awesome bird, good handling."  by farvil 2012

"Very nice young cock, extremely healthy. Very satisfied." by T-Tiger

"Nanez Family Loft birds are always what they say they are and MORE." by Black Magic

"as always a verNice bird from Rick Nanez can't wait to see what she can produce." by hillbilly


"I always feel good buying Nanez birds. They're as good as you can get."  by gwing

"All excellent-birds etc."  by playjazz2

"Great bird looking forward to get more."  by bayou slaughter

"Super nice cock."  by Flying D

"Nanez birds are excellent. Recommend him highly."  by Stellhj

"Tremendous customer service, extremely helpful seller. No place better to buy." by Jrk83

"She will more than fit in. Excellent pigeon."  by ERALOFT

"Thanks for the outstanding hen! She arrived in perfect condition."  by Marcbuy

"Fast ship. Great youngbird and Fantastic Surprise...will buy again for sure." by Tinsbaar

"very very [nice] pigeon and great person." by Ravnman

"Wonderful to deal with. Very accomodating. Best in the business!" by illinilofts

"Birds from Nanez Family I have look like they are bred in Belgium thanks." by Harold Finkley

"Super nice bird, Rick. Thanks for the quick bird shipment." by Wingman

"Thanks for the great bird."  by marcbuy

"Highly recommend Nanez as seller. Thank you!"  by marcbuy

"A+"  by mysticloft

"Nice bird! Fast shipping!" by mysticloft


"Very nice bird. Rick and Nanez Family are top notch. Thanks!" by Ashby

“Good birds, good prices,deal with confidence."  by sky meadow

“Great birds at very good price from very honest man.” by chiggerbait

“Very good birds and Rick will do whatever to make sure you are pleased.” by chiggerbait

“Every bird I've ever purchased was outstanding! Prompt and courteous!” by Pijnman

“Perfect birds and #1 in business Integrity!!!” by hickstree

“Nanez Family Lofts are Top Gun- Best of the Best!!!” by hickstree

“I have purchased several birds from Rick all have been excellent. Great, great.” by BIGG

“Rick was outstanding to work with. Great birds and very honest.” by BIGG


“My best pigeon transaction to date...great young cock. Thanks Rick.”  by fastbackcuda

“What great birds at unreal prices!! Thanks Rick. this is the fifth or sixth bird.”  by drop zone 29


“Excellent seller, top notch bird, would recommend Nanez Family Loft to anyone…” by LavenderHillLofts